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Community Supported Agriculture

 March 12, 2014

An international student asked me the other day why she observed so many people walking around without coats and in shirt sleeves. I didn't bother to explain that after sustained temperatures in the single digits, any degree above 32 was considered a heat...

The Right-Brained Entrepreneur

 January 22, 2014

As a grammar-school student, my niece was years too young for the work force, and doing chores in her house was gratis. So, to earn money, the clever child set herself up as a writer. She created a menu of services by genre: mystery, adventure,...

Gone to the Dogs

 December 11, 2013

One of the worst things in the universe is saying goodbye to your loyal, loving canine friend. I still miss my border collie-husky mix with the one blue eye and the one brown eye. After 13 years, a degenerative disease left her crippled and exhausted. I had to...

How to Look Rich When You’re Really Not

 November 20, 2013

There's a particular strategy to getting what you want that includes pretending to be wealthy even if you're not. Now, you may actually be wealthy, so you know that there are times when looking like the stereotype of the filthy rich can be a benefit and times...

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Magic with Mark Thomas — 6:00 pm; Tue., Apr. 15

The Author Next Door — 7:00 pm; Tue., Apr. 15

"So Long From Home" by Geoff Kaufman — 7:00 pm; Wed., Apr. 16

All Season Color in the Garden — 7:00 pm; Wed., Apr. 16

"The Hope of Everyman" — 7:00 pm; Thu., Apr. 17

Mystic Writer's Colony Open Mic — 6:00 pm; Thu., Apr. 17

The Amaryllis Ensemble — 6:00 pm; Thu., Apr. 17

Udder Destruction — 6:30 pm; Thu., Apr. 17

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Community Supported Agriculture


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