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Dedicated, Ethical, and Forward-Thinking

 September 17, 2014

Without reservation, I strongly endorse Anselmo Delia for the position of judge of probate. Currently serving on the Planning & Zoning Commission in Clinton with Anselmo as its chair, I have seen in him, in a very short period of time, a dedicated, ethical,...

Out of Touch

 September 10, 2014

As the mother of three children, I am disturbed by Art Linares, Jr.'s, voting record across the board as our state senator. I feel strongly that he is either out of touch and/or poorly prepared for the job.

Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Concern

 September 10, 2014

I'm writing to voice my support for Tom Vicino, Emily Bjornberg, and Terry Lomme, who are running for office this November.

Wants to Limit our Options

 August 27, 2014

Women in this country are blessed with the ability to control their own destinies. Sadly, so many women around the world don't have control of if and when they have children. A young American woman can plan her future, maximize her career opportunities, protect...

Sixteen Years and Still Going Strong

 August 27, 2014

The 2014 Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Walk-a-thon is on Saturday, Sept. 13. All proceeds from this event, as usual, go to cancer victims and their families, determined eligible following the submission of an application to the Clinton Rotary's Cancer Relief...

No Helping Hand

 August 27, 2014

In 2012, Greenskies, the solar company that Art Linares, Sr., and Bob Landino launched in 2008-'9, took a $250,000 loan and a $100,000 grant from the Small Business Express Program. In 2013, after Art Linares, Jr., became state senator for the 33rd District, he...

Can't Take it for Granted

 August 27, 2014

Once again, residents of Clinton and Madison showed up in force [on Aug. 11] to witness the conclusion of our battle with Global over its plan to build their monstrous propane gas facility. It's awesome to see two communities band together, protecting our...

Did the Right Thing

 August 20, 2014

I want to thank everyone who attended the Clinton Planning & Zoning Commission hearings, wrote letters, and/or signed petitions in opposition to Global's application for a huge propane terminal in Clinton. Clearly, that facility would have had a devastating...

Insulting and Unprofessional

 August 14, 2014

I found Ona Nejdl's letter [July 31, "Where's the Evidence?"] insulting and unprofessional, particularly since she sits on the Clinton Board of Finance.

Warm up Your Walking Shoes for Sept. 13

 August 13, 2014

Planning is in high gear for the 2014 Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund Walk-a-Thon, which will be on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 1 to 9 p.m. at the Ethel Peters Recreational Complex, Glenwood Road, in Clinton. There is no rain date.

Seriously Consider the Long-Term Consequences

 August 13, 2014

I've been a realtor more than four decades. I understand property values and the impact adverse conditions can have on those values. Installation of a 540,000-gallon propane gas storage facility in Clinton will definitely negatively impact surrounding property...

Not Afraid of the Hard Work Needed

 August 13, 2014

Emily Bjornberg has caught my attention. She is more than impressive. She is not your typical politician. Emily Bjornberg is a roll-up-your-sleeves, get it done woman. She has spent months of her personal time up in Hartford learning procedure, watching how...

Made Our Presence and Opposition Known

 August 13, 2014

I was so proud of our community last Monday night. Once again, we packed another Clinton Planning & Zoning hearing on Global's proposed huge propane terminal application. We filled every seat in the auditorium. Not a single person spoke in favor of the...

Protecting Which Children and Families?

 August 6, 2014

Last week I received a brochure in the mail from State Senator Art Linares. What does Senator Linares mean when he sends out a brochure, paid for with tax dollars, that asserts he is protecting children and families? I'm confused.

Won't Stand for It

 July 30, 2014

As we approach the third Clinton Planning & Zoning public hearing on the proposed propane gas facility, my greatest fear is that an effort is being made outside of these hearings to push this terrible proposal through. It wouldn't be first time, right?...

Why Should We Have to Worry?

 July 30, 2014

I first saw Global's application for the huge propane storage facility on a Clinton Planning & Zoning agenda in May. Alarmed, I set out to get more information, then shared all I learned with everyone in the area. We passed out flyers and circulated...

Where's the Evidence?

 July 30, 2014

Ignorance is something recently made loud and clear by a lot of opposing rhetoric [about the Global Propane for the former Stanley Works site]. Why would some residents let the existence of facts cloud their judgment? Their slogans and cries of "the sky is...

Step Up to the Plate

 July 30, 2014

I'm getting a lot of mail flyers from State Senator Art Linares that read "Protecting Families and Businesses" with an emphasis on families; inside the flyer in a small section on the last panel claims "working for children and families."

The Walk of Life

 July 23, 2014

The ¼-mile track at the Ethel Peters complex in Clinton saved my life. I had been walking 1 ½ to 2 miles there every morning for many years, and it kept me in good shape for an 85 year old. Last November I had congestive heart failure due to a...

Must Continue Voicing Objections

 July 23, 2014

There are numerous reasons why the proposed large propane facility shouldn't be approved by the Clinton Planning & Zoning Commission. Some of our elected officials would like us to believe it's about tax revenue, but we know that paltry amount of taxes can't...

Banning Pets Was Possible

 July 23, 2014

Inconsiderate dog owners have long caused problems at the Clinton Town Beach by not cleaning up after their pets and/or by not leashing them. When confronted, the usual lame excuse is, "Oh, I didn't know!" Really?

The Right Attitude and Perseverance

 July 16, 2014

I'd like to say thank you to all the Clinton and Madison residents who took the time to attend the Clinton Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) meeting on July 7. It was really great to see the Green Room at Clinton Town Hall filled beyond capacity with...

Clinton’s Opportunity Lost

 July 9, 2014

The June 26 issue of the Harbor News contained an article ["Renovations Complete, Clinton's Annex Building Now Open"] lauding the opening of the Town Hall Annex, aka the old police station. While it is no doubt a lovely building and its occupants and...

A Bad Idea for So Many Reasons

 July 9, 2014

Global, LLC, is proposing a propane storage facility in Clinton. If you think this will not have an effect on you simply because you don't live in the immediate vicinity, think again.

Protect Our Town

 July 2, 2014

As a Clinton resident who tries her best to keep up with what's going on in town, I was shocked to read about the attempt to put a huge propane gas facility here in Clinton. I can't understand why the administration did nothing to publicize this. The application...

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