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Real Estate Transactions for July 4

Published July 03. 2013 4:00AM


5 Bypath Way: Joanne Martindale to Rajendra and Apshra Khadka, $147,000 on June 7

26 Conifer Drive: Frank J. and Lisa A. Jannotta to Andrew Aschettino, $372,000 on June 4

60 Hampton Park, Unit 60: Daniel J. Venezia to Ann F. Rice, $170,000 on June 7

17 Hunting Ridge Farms Road: John T. and Susan H. Austen to Stephane and Claire Delombaert, $378,000 on June 3

109 Island View Terrace, Unit 109: Shanna R. Lavacca to Michael Sansone, $170,000 on June 3


Briarwood Drive: Darylle Connelly to F J Corsini LLC, $140,000 on June 4

371 Durham Road: Kenneth A. Ranciato to Demaio Reallty LLC, $325,000 on June 3

66 Granite Road, Unit 66: Elbert G. Richardson to Barbara Ranciato, $160,500 on June 5

125 Indian Cove Road: Alan D. and Kate P. Gleeson to Andrew L. and Meghan E. Goodman, $615,000 on June 4

18 Joseph Drive South: Louis V. and Jessica L. Defranco to John D. and Tonya K. Graef, $344,000 on June 3

19 Saddle Hill Drive: Kimberly P. Kelly to Joseph A. and Lauren Apicella, $285,000 on June 3

East Haven

83 Boston Avenue: Wenziak Jadwiga Est and Richard F. Wenziak to Joseph A. Disilvestro and Sarah N. Disilvestro, $135,000 on June 4

80 Bradley Street, Unit 80a: Benchmark Realty to Wolfgang Z. Keeney, $260,000 on June 3

21 French Avenue: Elliot Street Props LLC to Richard Robles, $305,000 on June 3

220 Kimberly Avenue: Cazzarbo LLC to M&M Props LLC, $172,400 on June 5

17 Navarro Road: William G. and Mary Tsolis to Freider A. Palacios and Sandra Dennis, $133,000 on June 4


17 Blakeman Road: Michelle Vizziello to Jordan Moffet and Margot Trombley, $925,000 on May 29

185 Duck Hole Road: Guilford Savings Bank to Taroq M. Sultan, $347,000 on May 14

North Branford

6 Ashley Park Drive: Rachel B. and David M. Fine to Melanie A. and William K. Whitcher, $359,000 on June 4

19 Ashley Park Drive: Karen L. Booth to Amy and Mark Farotti, $317,900 on June 4

320 Foxon Road: Jeanette M. Fox to Kara and Jeffrey Cheney, $370,000 on June 3

20 Twin Lakes Road, Unit 2: Ann M. Brennan to Holly J. Pelletier, $184,000 on June 3

North Haven

402 Clintonville Road: Frank and Karen C. Albarella to Clintonville Assoc LLC, $725,000 on June 3

511 Elm Street Ext, Unit 6-1: Gertrude Rzasa to Cynthia Mascola, $142,500 on June 4

511 Elm Street Ext, Unit 6-1: John Rzasa to Cynthia Mascola, $142,500 on June 4

North Haven

14 Larson Drive: Kenneth R. Cunningham to Jonathan Stachelek, $276,000 on June 5

391 Quinnipiac Avenue: Sophia 391 LLC to ASM Prospect LLC, $95,000 on June 3

96 Scrub Oak Road: Peter S. and Anne M. Hornyak to Geoffrey E. Bolek, $193,000 on June 4

103 Standish Avenue: Mathew Fiore and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to BAC Home Loans Svcng LP, $1 on June 4

100 State Street: US Bank NA to Briarwood Hills LLC, $13,650,000 on June 4

120 Summer Lane: William Cinforte to Ralph L. Mauriello and Marissa A. Mut, $752,000 on June 3

15 Sunset Road: Pauline H. Lin and Mao Min Chen to Jason and Ashlee M. Ard, $255,000 on June 4

99 Tokeneke Drive: Jeffrey H. and Janet S. Morrison to Anthony S. and Nancy C. Zammataro, $595,000 on June 3


Boston Post Road: Julie G. Spencer to Lawrence R. and Catherine Hayden, $2,000 on June 3

1130 Old Clinton Road: Rebecca H. Frost to John J. Werner, $197,000 on June 5


Jefferson Woods, Lot 247: National Res Nominee Svcs to Curt M. and Clement O. Sutherland, $153,500 on June 3

25 Jefferson Woods Road, Unit 25: Nikolai and Elena Avdievitch to Christina Roberto, $120,000 on June 3

247 Jefferson Woods Road, Unit 247: Timothy Arvanitidis to National Res Nominee Svcs, $153,500 on June 3

38 Knollwood Drive: Thomas A. and Anna B. Vailette to Michael A. and Lisa M. Verzella, $350,000 on June 6

9 Matthew Road: Joseph A. and Lauren Apicella to Christopher and Amanda Henry, $190,000 on June 6

24 Mill Creek Road: John M. Galdenzi to Matthew J. and Tricia C. Beatty, $320,000 on June 7

175 North Main Street: Queach Corp to Premier Realty Holdings, $1,700,000 on June 5

25 Peddlers Drive, Unit 25: Lawrence and Elizabeth A. Miller to Nicole L. Whitney, $143,000 on June 7

30 Surrey Lane: First Cong Church Branford to Katie Goldfarb, $290,000 on June 7

Windmill Hill Road Ext: Christopher J. and Amy H. Paleski to Walton Burns and Assel Nussupova, $310,000 on June 3


12 Cedar Drive: Michael A. Duffy and Nancy C. Fallon to Gregory K. and Heather M. Kennedy, $320,000 on June 3


341 East Main Street: Murray Realty Group LLC to Willowbrook Props LLC, $780,000 on June 6

2 Founders Village, Unit 2: Jeffrey Yudkin to Andrew J. McIsaac and Kelsey K. Parker, $150,000 on June 4

1 Liberty Ridge: Stephen G. and Joan K. Lillquist to Mark S. Hanley, $290,000 on June 5

43 Liberty Street: Barbara J. Milnes to David Goodrich and Erin M. Gordon, $265,000 on June 3

31 Pratt Road: Michael V. Marroney and Jessica M. Westwater to Suzanne L. Bartley and Maria L. Wise, $270,000 on June 6

33 Valley Road: Michael G. and Karen M. Levels to John R. and Cara D. Moraitis, $360,000 on June 3

38 West Road: James J. and Lynn G. Pascarelli to Mathieu J. Pelletier, $495,000 on June 3


88 Tanner Marsh Road: Michael J. and Jolene A. Berube to Frank D. and Allison D. Pelliccio, $282,500 on June 3

602 West Lake Avenue: Amy M. Earls to Louis Highkin and Barbara J. Yost, $295,000 on June 3

East Haven

51 Rabbit Rock Road: Francis J. and Carol Ann Dahlmeyer to Anthony Onofrio, $243,000 on June 3

65 Russo Avenue, Unit G5: Joseph R. Giordano to Elizabeth and Steven M. Apuzzo, $115,000 on June 3


16 Evarts Lane, Unit 16: Barbara Risbridger to Margaret B. Mack, $987,000 on June 5

560 Opening Hill Road: Mark F. and Arlys W. Raymond to Ann D. Phillips, $369,000 on May 16

27 Overbrook Road: Margaret R. Laliberte and Adriann Kaufmann to Allison B. and Andrew G. Pearsall, $332,500 on June 3

16 Tuxis Road: Kathy M. Pitura to Susan A. Flannigan, $50,000 on May 30

28 Willard Avenue: Robinson C. Vancil to Geremia Dev Corp, $1,545,000 on June 5

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